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An electronic book, also known as an e-book or eBook, is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices. Although sometimes defined as "an electronic version of a printed book", some e-books exist without a printed equivalent. E-books can be read on dedicated e-reader devices, but also on any computer device that features a controllable viewing screen, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

According to GARY MCLAREN who writes for the blog PUBLISH YOUR OWN BOOK There are several disadvantages to be aware of with ebooks:

1. Some people don’t like reading books on a computer screen. (But they could still print the ebook on paper if they prefer).

2. Ebooks made with some software require certain hardware and software to be installed, e.g. they might not be able to be read on a mac computer, or perhaps on a PC that does not have Internet Explorer installed.

3. Ebooks can be lost if someone’s hard drive fails and they had not made a backup.

4. Some people worry that the ebook will not be readable by future e-book devices.

5. Ebooks might be hacked, copied, or distributed without the author’s or publisher’s permission.


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Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Full of heavy tasks.. But nice to work in that place.. However, there are high chances to meet up with new people. Cons: nothing"

Reception Auckland says

"We purchased a voucher for a client and they never received their eBook. Hard to establish contact; their Australian number doesn't work and unresponsive to comments/requests on their webpage. Would like a full refund please."

Jill C Newman says

"I needed support with the required adobe app needed to read the book as a pdf. I made a detailed request that I needed help with the instructions. They took days to respond. Then they sent back a response, repeating the very instructions that I needed help with. Terrible customer service. Requests for phone assistance or different instructions were not forthcoming. I had to return the book. Terrible experience. Aggravating. Not a good way to start a new semester with little time."

Patrick Angel says

"Horrible format. Hard to navigate. If you download an ebook on this platform and you have a mac, you can NOT access the book without navigating to the website every time, logging in and pulling up your "library." I need to put the ebook on my desktop, or in a folder, or read it with Kindle or Apple's book reader. Nope! Took forever to figure out all these limitations. Will not buy another ebook in this format."

Bakerboy says

"Do not use this website. The ebooks you download have to be used with "Adobe Digital Edition," which requires you to make an Adobe membership and then "authorize" the program with your membership on your computer just to open any of the books you attempt to download. DRM will not allow you to simply download a book and open it like a PDF. However, the real problem is that MY BOOK WOULDN'T OPEN! I downloaded the book and tried to open it with my authorized Digital Editions, and it would simply say "Errors were encountered in this item." I searched online for solutions, and only found that - yup - sometimes it just doesn't work! So I reached out to ebooks.com to ask for a refund, and was told they'd be happy to give me credit or an actual refund, but that they'd first like the specific error I received. By this point I had uninstalled Digital Editions (didn't need a useless program around), so I had to go back and reinstall it. Only now, Digital Editions wouldn't authorize under my adobe account! I told them this, and sent them a screenshot showing this new error, again asking for my refund. They replied back with a link telling me what to do to solve this new, 2nd issue, then insisted my problem was resolved and closed my help ticket. Um, NO! I was able to get Digital Editions to authorize again, but it STILL WON'T OPEN MY BOOK! My original problem - the thing I contacted them about - has been completely ignored. It has now been several days, and several emails later and they are simply ignoring me. Avoid ebooks.com at all costs - do not buy anything from them, as not only is the basic process a nightmare, but if something doesn't work and you insist on a refund, they will just start to ignore you."

RC says

"The "Adobe Digital Editions" reader is easily the worst reading interface – on any digital device going back to the earliest computers – I have ever seen. The text is basically worthless if the reader is a UX disaster. Not worth a penny. I did not know I was not getting a real ebook. Don't be fooled. [EDIT] I see that eBooks has replied. I appreciate this and will contact them."

Yodan says

"I purchased an pdf eBook a couple of days ago. It was available for download, but catch 1 is you need to download their reader to use it. I downloaded the reader expecting ‘standard’ functionality. The highlight and search functions do not work. Customer Service response to my email with a link to a document and an ‘it’s resolved’ statement. The ‘linked document’ did not provide a resolution. The issue is still not resolved. My advice thus far is to take your business elsewhere until eBooks 1- develop a decent reader and 2 - provide ‘customer service’ not ‘poor service’."

Verna Murcia says

"So i bought an e-book last thursday and tried opening it and it works fine, but when i tried to open it on Friday until today Wednesday, it doesn't load anymore if i click on Read Online. I have sent message to the help support yesterday, but i still got no response. I was forced to download that ADE to read it on my work computer, but the format was not right. The text sizes are fine, but the images was so huge you can only see the top part and not whole image. I have tried 1 hour of trying to fix how it is displayed, but that ADE program they are partnered with is such a pain to use. I'd prefer to see how it was displaying when i read it online, but now that read online thing doesn't work and doesn't load my book anymore, and shows an error AER9826.. Absolutely rubbish. I hope you guys will do something about it."

Dali says

"I wrote a review about eBooks.com recently. Here is an update on my dealings with eBooks.com. Let it be known that I don't ever write product reviews. I have made an exception in the case of eBooks.com. After posting an initital unfavourable review on Tustpilot.com, I was repeatedly contacted by eBooks.com asking me for information so that they could process a refund of my purchase. I did not reply to the first few requests, but due to their continued requests, I did eventually provide one eBooks.com employee with the sought after information. While I never heard from that eBooks.com employee again, I was soon contacted by Trustpilot.com informing me that eBooks.com was challenging the veracity of my review and the fact that I'd ever bought anything from them. This was after I'd sent eBooks.com my invoice number. Trustpilot.com let me know that my review had been suspended until I provided proof of my purchase from eBooks.com. I have provided Trustpilot.com with that proof and my review has since been reinstated. However, I am left waiting for the refund eBooks.com appeared so eager to process. As I said previously, I am not one for submitting online reviews, but as a matter of principle I thought it necessary to inform others about this company and its products. Do yourself a big favour and get your ebooks elsewhere. Note to Stephen: I have 2 sent email reciepts in my inbox, both were recieved by eBooks com. Do you require proof of these also? I find your response utterly disingenuous. I appreciate your response to the complaint I logged on your website, but I do not understand why it was posted to Trustpilot.com and not sent to me directly. I refuse to deal with Ebooks.com any further. I am no longer seeking a refund of my purchase. Please refrain from any further contact either directly or through Trustpilot.com."

Saeed Al Ghannami says

"It's my first and last time to think about purchasing from ebooks.com. First, the book I purchased weren't displayed properly on their ebook app, unfortunately it seems there's no way to fix the issue. Second, a really bad customer service in terms of giving immediate attention to the issue and to give a valid solution. Waiting days to get their useless assistance. Their support team are not credible as they stated my issue is solved by just sending useless instructions without getting back checking if the issue is solved or not. This scenario will complete a week since I started sending my support request number 1070199. Now, I am just looking for a refund nothing else."

Jacob Newman says

"Was absolutely terrible. Paid for book, you then have to follow these un-helpful instructions on how to somehow download a copy of the book you purchased, but first must get this other software. Then when you receive a 'licensing error' you contact ebooks and they don't reply. Their accessible version of the book you pay for it terrible as well, so glitchy and rubbish to load."

marc edgecombe says

"doesn't support kindle paper-white, so totally useless for the vast majority of people. don't get screwed, chose another company"

Geoffrey Boxer says

"Cannot change font and background colours even though using their instructions. Why so many different fonts. Whole experience very confusing."

Keeyan Nejad says

"It provides the service it claims, but the DRM (Digital Rights Management) system they use is a massive pain. It took me around an hour on Linux to break through the DRM just so that I can have a regular ePub that I can copy to any devices without having to have Adobe Digital Editions or other proprietary software installed. The system doesn't serve its purpose of preventing theft since now I could (not that I will) upload the ePub for anybody in the world to read free of charge. It just ends up being a pain for the end user who paid for a book and makes Linux users more likely to just download illegally since it is so much more convenient. Paying for a product should provide a smoother and better experience than illegally downloading it, which eBooks.com fails to provide. Reply to eBooks: I've bumped my rating by 1 star thanks to your response. I see that you understand the issues with DRM and that it isn't a solution to piracy. That said I still have to review the service as a whole and to be honest it's a hassle to use the service when the majority of the books are DRM encrypted, regardless of whether that is your fault or not"

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